Guided Fishing at Seven Spirit Bay

Outback Spirit Tours, the Lodge owner, decided to reintroduce first-class remote-area sportfishing tours as part of the lodge’s operations in 2017, after the main lodge and accommodation had undergone a multi-million dollar refurbishment. Outback Spirit Tours appointed Alex Julius and his Fishing Tropical Australia team to act as sole agent for fishing tour bookings during March/April and October/November which are recognised as prime fishing periods in the Northern Territory’s Top End.

Alex and his team have extensive knowledge of barra and sportfishing fishing around Darwin and across the Northern Territory having operated guided fishing tours at the Arnhem Land Barramundi Lodge for 11 years prior to it being sold to Outback Spirit Tours. Alex also has a wealth of knowledge of Port Essington and the Cobourg Marine Park as he operated his own guided fishing operation in the same area back in the late ‘80s.

Your guide will have intimate knowledge of the local fishing area and how time and tides will affect fish movements and locations. Utilising their local knowledge, they can position the boat and angler in a manner that will maximise the fishing opportunities. Your guide will also be adept at interpreting displays on the boats fish finder and using GPS to locate fish schools.

Fishing Guides

Fishing tours at Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge are conducted by the Lodge’s expert fishing guides who all have had many years of guided fishing experience. If you are a novice angler, your guide will assist you by providing casting instruction, helping you select the correct lure for the fishing situation at hand and then coaching on how best to use that lure to fool a fish.  More experienced anglers will be able to draw upon the guides many years of fishing experience to further hone their own fishing skills. Guides can also suggest the best type and coloured lure to be used in the circumstances at hand and thus boost your chances.

Your guide will expertly process or fillet your catch ready for the kitchen staff to convert into a culinary seafood delight. At the completion of each fishing day, your guide will clean and refuel the lodge boats and fishing equipment in readiness for your next fishing outing.

In addition to finding and handling fish, your guide is also able to expertly tie knots and rigs to maximise your fishing time and chances of landing that trophy fish. Guides are also a great source of information about the local area including the flora, fauna and marine life that inhabits our unique area.

Guided Fishing

Many keen anglers in this day and age are time poor with work, career pursuits and family commitments and, while local day trips satisfy the angling itch to some extent, many crave to travel to remote fishing locations in search of their dream fish or just to experience something more exotic and different to the fish that inhabit their local waters.

With limited leisure time nor the means to undertake a major road trip with their own fishing rig in tow, a guided fishing trip to a remote location where everything is supplied becomes an attractive alternative. Anglers seeking a fully-catered luxury fishing safari to the Northern Territory may care to look no further than Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge. As part of your fishing tour package, we arrange: return flights between Darwin and Seven Spirit Bay, first-class accommodation, permits, all meals and guided fishing arrangements.

Your guide will have local knowledge of where to be and when to be there thus negating the need to spend time seeking out where the fish may be located. Fishing guides will be aware of any local hazards such as shallow sandbars or reefs that may otherwise catch unwary boaters. Similarly, they will be conversant with areas with tidal dependant access as north Australia can experience greater tidal variations than those visiting anglers may be accustomed to in their home state. Finally, they will also be able to advise of other dangers that lurk in unfamiliar waters such as crocodiles, box jellyfish, stonefish and stingrays.  From a less dangerous perspective but also important is client comfort where local guides can advise on sun protection, tactics to minimise the effect of annoying insects such as sandflies and implementing correct fish-handling, catch-and-release practices.